Other Chemotherapy-related Documents and Guidelines

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Monitoring of Patient Weight
Cockcroft & Gault

Zoledronic acid

*NEW* Guidelines for the Use of LMWH and DOACs in cancer patients

G-CSF guidelines
Hepatitis B testing pathway
Immunisation guidance for chemotherapy patients
Immunisation guidance – letter to GPs

Guidelines associated with prevention or minimisation of Infusion-related Reactions
Administration Guidelines for cytotoxics associated with infusion-related reactions
Carboplatin Hypersensitivity Guidelines and Desensitising Regimen
Oxaliplatin Hypersensitivity and Desensitising Regimen

Non-oncology section

Cyclophosphamide IV for non-oncology use
Cyclophosphamide IV consent form
Pathway for referring non-oncology patients for IV cyclophosphamide